DLC offers personalized tutoring tailored to an individual’s particular needs. We offer after school help in homework completion and specialized tutoring services for Math and English. The personalized tutoring sessions offered through DLC are beneficial to students because:

      • Students are given more individualized attention
        This lets the tutor and the student focus on their specific strengths and weaknesses along with being able to develop a learning plan that is tailor specifically to best benefit the student.
      • It gives them a chance to ask questions
        These could be questions that they couldn’t or were too nervous to ask their teacher in school.
      • It provides students with extra study time
        It sets aside time that is dedicated to studying and encourages a student to study outside of the sessions in order to be ready for the tutor.
      • It helps build their study skills and develop disciplined study habits
        These skills and habits come from a tutor helping a student discover how they learn best along with teaching them the material in a different way.
      • It improves student attitude towards education and learning
        Their attitude improves because now they are able to figure out how to solve problems on their own.
      • It generates long-lasting effects
        This basically just means that tutors make sure students truly grasp the material they have learned instead of just storing the information in their short-term memory and regurgitating it on a test later.
      • It improves academic performance and personal growth
      • It boosts students’ confidence and self-esteem