This course is a more focused and a more in-depth instruction on social media marketing, a component briefly covered in the regular marketing course. The instruction for this course also comes from the experts at Manage Your Business. The use of social media has shown to be a high focus in today’s society and workforce. Social media plays a major role in people’s lives and can effect them both personally and professionally. It has such a prominent and increasing presence that nowadays it is almost necessary to focus on it and obtain knowledge about it. This focused course incorporated theoretical concepts, a practical experience, and a shadowing component. The various aspects of social media marketing addressed in this course are:

      • The theory, technology, impact, and strategic uses of social media that enable companies to develop a more modern marketing strategy
      • The evolution and purpose of social media in regards to the marketing side of it
      • The exploration of the possibilities and limitations of different social media platforms and other online marketing channels
      • Successfully developing, launching, executing, and evaluating a social media marketing campaign
      • Targeting and attracting various online communities and new customers
      • Creating engaging content on social media in order to gain a significant following
      • Understanding the legal issues associated with using social media as a marketing medium

The internship for the practical experience is available through Dawn Learning Center