For the human resources (HR) course, DLC has partnered with Manage Your Business. This course covers various theoretical concepts related to the HR department of any company. It also requires experiential knowledge and incorporates a shadowing component. The knowledge gained through this course will make HR more efficient and certifies all HR personnel that participate. Participants will become familiar with the duties and responsibilities associated with the HR role. The course will address various aspects of the HR role which include:

      • Payroll
      • Handling employee and other company conflicts
      • HR strategy and the ability to evaluate the company’s internal and external environment
      • Employee rights, privacy, and customer protection legislation
      • Organizational staffing requirements along with the recruitment, selection, and retention process
      • Organizational development and risk
      • Talent and performance management
      • Workplace safety, security, health, and privacy
      • General employee relations and labor relations

The internship for the practical knowledge experience is available through Dawn Learning Center