DLC takes each student as an individual and studies their individual learning patterns. Once the best learning strategies for an individual are established, the individual’s path to learning becomes smooth and successful. There are three aspects of DLC that make it such a unique experience and they are:

    • Individualized Learning:
      After the learner is assessed for learning styles, several learning approaches will be designed to fit his or her needs. In some cases, delivery of course work and teaching may be modified to fit the learner’s needs better.
    • Hands-on Approach:
      Without practicing the concepts you have learned, you will lose the knowledge of them over time. If you practice what you have learned it remains with you as a real experience. To incorporate this approach, we have a practical curricula which incorporates hands-on experience through internships.
    • Love of Learning
      Here at DLC we are focused on creating a love of learning at all levels. We use several motivational strategies in order to nurture the passion of learning and would like all of our students to develop into life-long learners.