We offer programs through our affiliation with MYB. Billing & Accounting training is an on-site professional development training course where experts from the field train individuals on the fundamental concepts of accounting and billing that are needed in order to run an office. This training program covers relevant concepts of accounting procedures as well as related software programs that are required in a regular, everyday office environment. This course will also include concepts related to general bookkeeping of a company. Some of the concepts taught through this course are:

      • Understanding annual reports and other financial statements
      • Creating, editing, and printing worksheets as they relate to the business
      • Understanding accounting terms and how they apply to the business environment
      • General functions of bookkeeping such as:
        • Adjusting entires
        • Correcting accounting errors
        • Book and tax depreciation
        • Basic payroll and merchandise inventory
        • Internals controls and fraud prevention

This course incorporates theoretical knowledge, practical know-how in the form of an internship, and a shadowing concept. The internship opportunity is available through Dawn Learning Center